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Pre-Physician Assistant Society at Western Michigan University (Pre-PA Society)

The Pre-Physicians Assistant Society at WMU desires to bring together students whose goal it is to attend Physician Assistant school. Pre-PAS aims to provide insight into the application process and connect students through networking and volunteerism.

#Computer Club at WMU (CCLUB)

We like technology and curious people. We have 200+ members and our own room. For more detailed information, visit our website, or find us on facebook and twitter!

#NoBoundaries (#NB)

#NoBoundaries is a fun and innovative work out experience, with the targeted participants being average, yet extraordinary girls looking to live healthy lifestyles. Bring your friends and participate in one of our weekly workouts!


A World-wide network of believers dedicated to changing the world with the tangible love of God.

995 (the995)

A weekly gathering for building community and cultivating your faith.


WMU APICS maintains an affiliation with the local South West Michigan APICS Chapter. The student chapter promotes extracurricular learning through: Industry Guest Speakers • Plant Tours • Case Study Competitions • Professional Development Meetings

Academic Computing Society (ACS)

The purpose of our organization is to promote networking, academic growth and explore new ideas in the field of computer science.

ACDA: The Student Chapter of The American Choral Directors Association (WMU ACDA)

ACDA is an organization that promotes leadership, teamwork, and professional development in the field of Music Education. In addition, we provide educational opportunities for future educators to gain a diverse understanding in general Music Education.


ACES is used to experinece the culture of africa through dance. It is also used to enrich the minds of students which results in learning and understanding this culture. It will also be collaborated with genres such as hip hop and jazz.

Ackley Shilling FLASH (FLASH)

Ackley Shilling FLASH (Future Leaders of Ackley Shilling Halls) is a Residence Life affiliated group/council centered around developing meaniful leadership experiences and skills in and outside of the residnece halls.

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